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High utilization and low cost are the minimum required to survive the tough travel market. This is exactly what the Tourismo has been developed. And in this he is getting better.

The Tourismo makes from day paid for you. Beginning with the attractive purchase price over the long maintenance intervals and short service lives up to the permanently low operating costs. Also contribute to the efficient Euro VI engines with Mercedes-Benz BlueTec® diesel technology that are careful with expensive fuel and, moreover, are characterized by extreme longevity. In sum, this leads to a particularly high overall efficiency. There is hardly a more important protection for your passengers than a fully concentrated driver. That’s why Mercedes-Benz has made every effort to make the driver’s workplace in Tourismo as comfortable and ergonomic as possible. All switches and controls are conveniently located and easy to reach. The colored, easy to read display provides all the essential information at a glance and supports the driver on request with extended information such as tour dates or fuel consumption. He has directed all quite relaxed under control and his full attention to the traffic. You see: The Tourismo go on the safe side.

Also, the comfort is not neglected the driving position. For the personal belongings of your driver’s storage space and storage options are plentiful. If your driver or your travel guests get in between fancy a little refreshment, the larger-sized refrigerator is 51 liters capacity within reach. In Tourismo everyone gladly takes a seat. With complete comfort and offer new equipment details of this bus accommodates a variety of ways to the wishes and needs of your passengers. Whoever goes into the Tourismo, feels immediately at home. For this already makes the very spacious, warmly decorated interior. Thanks 2.01 m. height reach even tall passengers comfortably to her seat and take as well like space. Because especially for coach applications made, aisle-side adjustable Travel Star seats allow relaxed sitting, even over long distances. If desired increase child seats with three-point belts security, especially in long-haul applications.

No matter how out there is the weather – the Tourismo enjoy your passengers’ comfortable temperatures. This feature involves the convector heater for cold days makes a powerful air conditioning. She handles even extremely hot summer days and is also extremely low- maintenance. The modern entertainment system on board also contributes to a pleasant atmosphere. And last but not least, the chassis makes a significant contribution to ensuring that traveling in Tourismo from the outset and in any situation is a special treat.

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