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The S Class 400h Series

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Nowadays, people prefer to travel from one point to another not only with comfort but also in style. The “new” comfort also includes advanced engine technology. The vehicle we would like to introduce, an S-Class 400 hybrid, drives with a combination of the 27-HP electric engine and a six-cylinder gasoline engine with 306 HP. Especially in traffic jams or when parking the driver can effortlessly start the engine of this luxury limousine and bring it noiselessly to motion. Currently, pure electric cars are an alternative only in city traffic. However, hybrid vehicles can also be used for longer cross-country trips or motorway routes and are currently the best alternative to conventional vehicles. The advantages of hybrid vehicles are their low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, which makes them an alternative for the future in cities and metropolitan areas. A hybrid car consumes far less fuel and emits less pollutant, which saves the environment and lowers fuel costs.

Mercedes has completed the challenge of impressing even the most perfectionist customer in this category. It has produced a vehicle, which is ideal for both long-time cruising as well as the daily routine. The interior of Mercedes-Benz S Class 400 is entirely new; everything has been upgraded to make your ride more comfortable. The S Class cabin is equally attractive, extremely comfortable and roomy. Inside, luxurious materials cover almost everything in the saloon. Everything inside its saloon is genuine leather. Metal is used rather than being replaced by any other plastic options. The saloon also owns innovative safety systems. It is the first vehicle in the world with suspension technology that is even able to react in advance to uneven roads. Therefore, it offers an unequalled level of ride comfort. Some of the notable features of the vehicle are front and back seats that automatically heat and adjust manually, the ventilation, leather saloon, power rear sunshade, automatic climate control, and a premium stereo system with a radio.

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