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The S Class

To Inspire By Example.
The mission of the S-Class has always been simple: To advance every standard by which all cars are measured, and to elevate the fine art of driving.

The One Car That All Cars Look To.
In the history of the automobile, no car has made history more frequently, more consistently, and more beautifully than the S‑Class. Year after year, it has kept its driver and passengers at the forefront of innovation, the pinnacle of luxury, and the height of fashion — all through the depth of its engineering, and the breadth of its talents. Its countless firsts have proven lasting, too—making the S‑Class an ever brightening beacon of inspiration for all automakers, from its unparalleled technology to its undeniable style. It is, quite simply, the state of the art of the automobile.

Star Treatment.
It is easy to feel like the hub of the universe in an S‑Class — or the center of its attention, at the very least. Its cabin pairs two deeply held Mercedes-Benz traditions: extraordinary hand‑craftsmanship and unheard-of innovations. Get in touch with the  higher standard of service with the most luxurious Mercedes Benz sedan. S-Class redefines ground transportation for a seamless end-to-end service you can rely on.

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