Athens Private Sightseeing – Half Day

In this tour, it is included:

Day Trip - Half day in Athens


We begin from the start point of Plaka area, one of the oldest in Athens. We take the scenic route, at the edge of the Acropolis Hill, where we will pass through very narrow streets of Anafiotika, seeing little houses build on the Rock of Acropolis. At the end of this round-trip, we will see Areopagus Hill (translated “Ares Rock”). In classical times, it functioned as the court for trying deliberate homicide, wounding and religious matters, as well as cases involving arson or olive trees. We are also going to visit Pnyx, another hill, where the ancient Athenians gathered to host their popular assemblies, thus making the hill one of the earliest and most important sites in the creation of democracy. Then, we are going to visit the Jail, where Sokrates is supposed to be held on and died and we will going up Mousson Hill (named now Filopappou Hill), with a magnificent mausoleum on top and a great view of Acropolis and surrounding area. We end our tour, after the sunset we had seen from the top of Filopappou Hill.

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