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Ikaros Tours

Ikaros Tours travel agency founded in 1971 in the city of Kozani in Northern Greece. Actually, with its head offices located in Athens since 1979, and additional branch offices in Northern Greece Thessaloniki as well as Chalkidiki since 1990, operates successfully since a very long time.
Dealing mainly with inbound tourism, but also with the outgoing and domestic, the Agency has managed to become synonymous with quality and consistency in the local Greek and the European market.


Premium travel & transfer services.

Ikaros Tours has a well-trained and highly experienced staff. Also, with carefully selected partnerships and alliances in Greece and abroad, with niches (Executive Travel – Flights + Hotels – Fairs + Congresses – Honeymoon Travel – Holidays – Cruises – Leases Busses + Rent a car – associations + Seniors – School trips ) that cover the entire range of travel and tourist services, is always close to the traveler (local or international) covering all its needs in Greece and abroad.

Why us...

Well, you decide to go for a group trip and you are you looking for the most appropriate program and go for the one that suits you, usually based on cost criteria. Have you already made a reservation and started with many expectations but very soon, you discover that you must:
Buy optional excursions to fill your abundant free days
You pay a ticket for a many extra visit (to a museum, a monument, a gallery) even though this was “included” in the program. Instead, you lose your time in shops or wandering, being lead there by guides for reasons they only know themselves….
You must carry your luggage yourself, because your program does not include a luggage carry out service.
At the end, you find that your trip is not as cheap as you thought it was and you ask yourself the typical “why they did not ask me to pay for what I wanted to have from the beginning”
What immediately comes to mind is “If I only knew in advance”. Something that you will not have to think about it, travelling with Ikaros Tours. Because in all of our trips, no one wonders why they did not ask me to pay more from the beginning. Because Ikaros Tours does not use “tricks” to make cheaper trips. Ikaros Tours is not interested in temporary clients and customers.
Just remember the next time you begin to look for a journey that awaits you. Never forget:
You always get what you have paid for.

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